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Barbell club hosts second annual competition

By Ryerson Barbell Club

TORONTO - On June 29, 2019, the Ryerson Barbell Club hosted its 2nd annual powerlifting competition, the Ryerson Barbell Classic.

The competition was sanctioned with certified referees under the Ontario Powerlifting Association (OPA) that can be one of three qualifying competitions for athletes that wish to compete in the Canadian National Championships.

Powerlifting is a strength sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifting movements - squat, bench press, and deadlift - participated in by males and females of all ages.

Months of planning and preparation landed in a successful day in the books with 55 competitors, over 30 volunteers, 100 spectators, eight grand sponsors, and many smiles. To further add to this success, this competition was one of the first few powerlifting competitions to be organized by mostly students.

Competitors came from various schools and local powerlifting teams, including, McMaster Barbell, Western Strength, Seneca Strength, Band of Barbells, Afterburn Barbell, Future Proof Powerlifting, and many more.

Two of Ryerson Barbell club's very own athletes, Vanessa Ann Roldan (57kg) and Evan Yue (74kg) performed exceptionally well, snatching a silver and bronze medal, respectively.

This year, McMaster won the best team award with over 15 competitors from their team that won many medals.

Participants and winners were spoiled with many prizes from amazing sponsors, including, Popeyes Supplements, CELLUCOR C4, XTEND BCAA's, Inner Strength Products, Myodetox, Loaded Bar Collective, ATMOST Apparel, Strongarm Sport, and Afterburn Barbell.


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